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Target your market
Graham Hawkes
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Target your market

A lot of people in business dutifully pay out monthly for advertising that does not work.  There can be several reasons for that – it could be the wording, the format of the advert, the placement, or the media used.  All of these things are relevant and they have one thing in common.  If the advert is not properly targeted to your market, it has no show of achieving its purpose.


It doesn’t matter what business you are in, you need to know what type of person, or what group of people, will buy your product or service.  What does your ideal customer look like?  Where are you going to find them?  How do they think?  Have a firm picture in your mind.  Once you have a clear target, it makes it a lot easier to take aim with your marketing strategies.  And like everything else, when you aim at something, most of the time you will hit it – and that’s a lot better than throwing arrows in the air and hoping they hit something on the way down.


So, who is your ideal customer?  What do they read?  What do they listen to?  What rings their bell to make them take notice?  Find that out, and you are well on the way.

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