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On the hunt for prospects?  Here's a checklist - part 2
Graham Hawkes

On the hunt for prospects? Here's a checklist - part 2


You need to be constantly on the lookout for new business, so here a few more pointers:

My clients have become a great source of referrals.


The equation is simple, isn’t it?  You look after your clients or customers, especially your top 20%, and they will look after you.  When somebody asks them who their lawyer is, or where they got that flash gizmo, if they’re happy with your product and your service they will refer that person to you.  So look after them and reward them when they do give you a referral.


I am regularly in touch with my clients/customers and prospects


(at least 6 times a year). Telephone them with a “How’s things?” call, blog, email, newsletter, snail mail, and occasionally ask them for a referral.  It all costs nothing and rewards you like there’s no tomorrow.


I have a referral system in place. 


Don’t rely on your clients/customers to think about giving you a referral.  Constantly remind them that you are always looking for new business and you would really appreciate a referral from them.  They will thank you for reminding them because they often overlook it.

When I’m out and about, I look and act professional.

Your appearance and demeanour counts for a lot.  If you promote yourself as the best and don’t look the part, nobody will believe you.  That doesn’t mean you need to be stereotyped  – you just need to look and act like you can be trusted.


What I do, and the way I do it, makes people say “Wow!”


When you make that kind of impression with any prospect, they will remember you, even if now is not the time.  So wow them with a sample, or some free advice and then next time you see them, ask them how it went.



I’m fun to be around. People enjoy talking to me.

A bit of self-analysis here.  And if this isn’t you, then you need to develop some techniques.  It’s all about confidence and if that’s what you are lacking then join Toastmasters or a similar group that encourages you to stand up and be counted.


My community can count on me to be there. I often participate in community programmes and frequently volunteer


It’s a great way to get yourself known.  People love to deal with others they know, and if you volunteer your services, or donate product, it’s just another reminder to the community that you care for them – and they will reward you over time.


So – another 7 pointers to get yourself a ton of prospects.  That’s 12 I’ve given you so far – the final half dozen or so next month.  Need to know more about how to go about it?  Give me a call.


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(inspired by a Winston Marsh newsletter)

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