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What we can learn from Christmas
Graham Hawkes

What we can learn from Christmas


Think about it.  Every Christmas we all sit down to a scrumptious meal with our families, have a few drinks, unwrap our presents and generally relax and have a good time.  But it doesn’t just happen, does it?

Somebody has to work out what to serve and for how many, somebody has to order the ingredients, cook the meal and ensure the drink fridge is stocked up, and somebody has to organize the Christmas tree and what goes on it and under it.  It’s the same when you go on holiday after the great day.  You have to book, organise, plan what to take with you and sort out all sorts of things to make sure your holiday is one to remember.  You can’t just wake up on Boxing Day and say to your family “We’re off!”, and then get in the car in the hope you will find somewhere to stay.

It all involves planning, and every year we do it as if it’s our second nature.  Imagine what a difference it would make if we applied that same philosophy to our businesses:

Start out with the end goal in mind (Christmas dinner)
Envisage what you need to make it happen (a menu and ingredients to cook it)
Work out what personnel you need (your family and extended family members)
Establish what staffing do you need (your immediate family perhaps)
Identify the equipment you need (Christmas tree, decorations, cutlery, dinnerware)
Sort out the rewards or remuneration (Christmas presents)
Prepare a financial budget (allocate money to make it happen)
Put a timeline on every step (we do that subconsciously every year)

It’s second nature to plan for that great day and we always have a great time.  So think what a fantastic time we would have if we set some business goals and achieved them – or even got it 80% right?

Just remember, if you aim at nothing , you will hit it every time with amazing accuracy.

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