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Get into gear and do your budget now

Get into gear and do your budget now

It’s not too late to start thinking ahead so that you can make the next financial year sensational for your business. The past year may or may not have been a great year for you, but you don’t want next year to just be a replay. You need to focus on maintaining constant growth and improvement as well as being able to embrace change. Here are a few ideas.


Ask yourself what you really want to accomplish - and then establish some targets and goals. Instead of aiming for 10% more than last year say to yourself “What can I accomplish in the business this year?


Evaluate the changes in your market place - And then assess how those changes are going to impact on your ability to achieve this year. 


Share your vision for the business with your staff.  Have everybody share their own part of the vision and add to it the part that would make it thrilling for them.


Now you need to commit it to paper, work out the how, and turn it into a clear, decisive budget. Give me a call if you need help to clarify your thoughts or to convey them to your team – after all it is our specialty. 


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