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This is the stuff Goodwill is built from

This is the stuff Goodwill is built from

 I went to Bright Cafe & Bakery in Cameron Street, Whangarei yesterday for lunch. I did not have the meal pictured, but I assure you that it and much more is available there. My purchase came to about $14 which I thought at the time was a trifle expensive, but thought no more about it.

On receiving my coffee, I was also presented with a crisp new $5 note and an explanation that I had inadvertently been charged with somebody else's purchases.  Now that made an impression!  It would have been so easy in this competitive world to have done nothing, but this café owner (or his well trained staff, I am not sure which), went out of his way to recompense me.  Would I go Back?  You bet!  Will I repeat this story?  You bet - over and over!

So, not only is the food outstanding, but the integrity of the business will ensure that I and my friends will go back to Bright Café and Bakery again and again.




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