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Make your signage stand out from the norm

Make your signage stand out from the norm

Signs can be very boring and unnoticeable.  Occasionally, when walking around town you spot the odd blackboard with a bit of humour on it.  I suppose it is just as well that these signs are a minority because if there were too many like them, they wouldn't stand out.  But there is still a lot of scope for originality in this mundane world of ours.



Here are a couple of signs I spotted in Northern Ireland last year at Dunluce Castle Kitchen.  Averil, the owner didn't have any competition around the castle, but I guess from her point of view, it was better to attract customers in for a coffee and scone than to let them wander off to some other remote part of the country for their refreshments.  It certainly did the job in our case.


So take a tip from Averil and be innovative with your signage.  You just never know when a prospective customer is about to look the other way.


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