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Nothing beats a well trained team

Nothing beats a well trained team

No matter which store you are in, or which staff member you approach, you always get a well informed answer from the team at Noel Leeming.


It never ceases to amaze me that whoever you ask, about any product in store, the staff member knows the answer.  In any Noel Leeming store you visit, the team are well dressed, well presented, polite and articulate.  They look and act as if the business is their own.  The organisation must have a really great training programme, with rigorous standards to be met.  Here is a clue from the HR section of their careers website:


“The role of our People Support team is to recruit, engage and develop our team of ‘Passionate Experts’ – the team members across all parts and levels of the business delivering expert advice and service.
The People Support (HR) team identifies and attracts ‘Passionate Experts’ to ensure the business has the right people in the right roles. Only through our ‘Passionate Experts’ we will maintain our market leading position.
Development for the team is another key focus for the team with a pathway of learning programmes for team members that, through a combination of facilitator-led training, technology-enabled learning and self-paced workbooks, coaching and on-job experience, enables the team to be the best they can.”

That says it all – in their stores you are always dealing with a ‘passionate expert’.  No wonder you get the very best of service.  No wonder that I always make Noel Leeming my first stop if I am looking for anything in their product range - because I know that I will get the very best advice and will be dealing with staff who go out of their way to help me.


Definitely an opportunity found in my world of creating business opportunities.


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