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If you don't want the sale, there is always somebody else who does

If you don't want the sale, there is always somebody else who does

Last year we shifted to Waihi, a township with a population of 4-5000.  My observations over the last 9 months have been interesting, and I thought that I would share some of them with you.


A chemist shop assistant told me that a bee pollen supplement I use was not stocked by them, and that they would not order it in for me.  Not so at Clark’s Pharmacy down the road.  There I was told that they would not only get the product in, but they would add it to their regular stock items so that it would be there whenever I wanted it.  So guess which pharmacy we use for everything else we need?  Definitely an opportunity taken, and lost for the first chemist.


Then there was the auto electrician who just didn’t want to know me when I asked for assistance with my caravan.  I only wanted advice, and to be pointed in the right direction for the part I wanted.  But the owner was too busy, he told me, and had more work than he could cope with – maybe come back next week, he suggested.  A couple of days later, I was recommended to Vince Tilsley at Waihi Beach, who couldn’t do enough for me.  He ended up doing the job that I was attempting myself, and will be my go to auto electrician in the future.


We needed an electrician to install a hot point for us.  The first one promised everything, and after 6 weeks and two further approaches, still hasn’t shown at the time of writing.  In the meantime, we decided to call Charlie Hellesoe “for prompt and friendly service.”  I left a message, and two days later, Charlie called me back and was on site within 2 days.  We will be needing a few more things done this year and Charlie will obviously be our first port of call.


Waihi is a small town, and one day, those who are busy will be looking for work.  The short sighted approach from many trades people and retailers will come back to bite them in the long run – and I know it is not just common to our town.  So if your business is flat out at the moment, make sure that you keep faith with your local market, because one day, you may need them.


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