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Encourage internal endorsements

Encourage internal endorsements

An internal endorsement is one given by somebody within your business about one of the company’s products, service, or even a fellow staff member.


For example, a prospect phones an accounting practice to ask about getting some work done and the receptionist responds by saying, “I’ll put you through to Brent Martin… he’s a great accountant!”
How do you think that prospect feels? Reassured, confident, happy they’re going to be talking to the right person? Of course! So much better than a mere “I’ll put you through to somebody”


So, like the front person who needs to ask closing questions, whenever a prospect is being referred to somebody in the firm always give a simple endorsement… “Everyone says what a great job he does”, “you’ll get great ideas from him” and so on. Or if a product “that’s a great choice – I use them all the time”


How often does a nurse, or anaesthetist pass comment about a surgeon by saying “You’re in the best possible hands, he’s the best in the business!”

It makes you feel relieved and thankful, doesn’t it?

Third party endorsements about you and your team really work.  So bring them inside the company and promote them with every opportunity.


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