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Does your in store signage encourage your customers to stay there?

Does your in store signage encourage your customers to stay there?

Almost every retailer relies on passing trade to generate business.  But sometimes they discourage people from entering the premises.  Sounds strange doesn’t it?  But it’s true. How often have you passed a shop and seen signs in the window like:


“Door to door sales people not welcome” or “No change for parking meters”


If your shop has signs like these in the window, then you should consider changing them.  Signs actually inviting door to door salespeople in or offering change for meters and telephones are much better for business.  By making your shop welcoming, you will effectively increase the number of people that come in which could translate into more sales for you.


Increased foot-traffic leads to potential customers and ultimately increased sales.  It’s logical that once people are in your store, you then have the opportunity to sell them something.  And most people will probably buy.  (After all when a door to door salesperson comes into your store they are obviously hoping to sell you so why shouldn’t you have the same aim in mind?)

Here’s a great sign you could have inside your store:    “Ask questions! We’re happy to give you all the information you need.”


Perhaps another sign could say:     “We’re here to help” or “Here’s a great offer!”

And what about “Please handle the merchandise” rather than” Do not touch”?


Also, instead of talking negatively about small credit cards transactions, 
“Credit cards not accepted for $10 or less”, say 
“Credit cards happily accepted for purchases over $10”

Saying it that way makes the shopping experience much more positive for the customer.


One very important tip to remember is to always do business with a smile on the outside even if you are miserable on the inside. Smiles are like boomerangs – they bring people and their money back!


Here are some great signs I have seen recently:

These are the best value wines in the shop! A sign which helps people to make a choice, and Customers wanted - no experience necessary - outside a café in Devonport.
So let your imagination run wild and get your signage working for you.

(adapted from an article by Australian based customer service authority, Jurek Leon)


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