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I will never, ever go back to this place

I will never, ever go back to this place

During the holiday period we had a mishap with our caravan.   I had inadvertently backed the caravan into a kerb and bent the grey water outlet pipe to such an angle that the bolt holding it was tight up against the caravan tyre.


I didn’t know that I had done that, and needless to say, the constant pressure of the bolt against rubber led to a blow out in the Pohangina Valley, Manawatu, miles from anywhere and no cell phone coverage.  With the help of the very friendly locals passing by, I got the tyre changed and carried on to Palmerston North to the only tyre retailer who was open that day.


I couldn’t believe the arrogance of the boss man at the tyre place, who told me that because my caravan was an RV, they couldn’t take it inside to the hoist, so I would need to park in the street and bring the wheel to them.  When I asked if they would put the wheel back on the caravan, I was impolitely told that because the caravan could not go on the hoist they couldn’t do that for me.  “What about a jack?”  I asked.  “Our policy is not to use jacks,” I was told.


So I had no option but to take the wheel away to a place off the main road and change the wheel back myself.  Not really a big deal, but certainly not great service. 


So, an opportunity lost for that tyre company, because I will never go back again to that or any other branch – even in an emergency – and if anybody wants to know which company it was, email or phone me.  I will happily spread the word.


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