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You have got to have time for yourself

You have got to have time for yourself

I was talking to somebody recently who said that the time she puts away for herself is almost always eaten up by clients who say they need her services urgently – and she feels that she has to help them.  Now that’s a recipe for destroying your own health.  You need time to yourself, or you won’t be around to help anyone. 


This lady is very good at what she does - and that is why she is in high demand.  But the thing is that nobody needs to be, and shouldn’t be, a slave to their clients.  We all need our time out – and that is our time – nobody else’s.  She also told me that if she didn't get regular rest breaks, then at some stage she wouldn’t be able to continue her work.


Nobody should feel that they have to give up their own precious time out just because a patient says he or she can’t wait until the next free appointment 10 days away.  If they are that demanding, send them to the opposition with your compliments.  It’s a hard thing to get your head around when you are in business on your own.  But you have to stay sane, you have to stay healthy, and the last thing you need is stress when you are not working – because that is what will happen if the things you need to do for yourself fall behind when you haven’t got the time to do them.


I always used to play golf on Wednesdays and nothing – but nothing got in the way!  Now I take a week off every month.  And I stay sane and more able to help my clients for longer.


So follow suit – schedule some time for yourself, and stick to it.


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