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When you deliver what you promise, you are always ahead of the game

When you deliver what you promise, you are always ahead of the game

It’s always refreshing these days to find trades people who deliver.  Two local tradies will have my support forever because they came when they said they would, did a great job and presented a very reasonable bill.

One of those, Charlie Hellisoe is an electrician in Waihi.  We’ve had Charlie here before to do a job when the larger electrical firm in town kept saying they would come, and never turned up.  This time we had a couple of niggling little things that needed attention so we gave Charlie a call and he was here the next day, fixed the problem and a couple of other minor things and went on his way.  Top service, friendly approach and quality workmanship.  What more could you ask?

Custom Trellis in Waihi is under new ownership since late 2017.  We needed a small trellis erected and asked Ry and Rebecca to give us a quote.  They also gave us an estimate of the time they thought it would be ready.  About a week before the forecast date, they called us to say it was ready for installation.  Unfortunately that date didn’t suit us as we wanted to be on site when it was installed, but it was no problem to reschedule.  On the appointed date, Ry and Rebecca turned up and completed a no fuss installation and an extremely reasonable bill.

.Our trellis is shown in the photo above.

Both Charlie, and Ry and Rebecca are successful and extremely busy people but they both went out of their way to produce great service and quality product with a smile.  It’s not rocket science is it?

Definitely two opportunities found, and highly recommended.


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