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It's the putting right that counts

It's the putting right that counts





Occasionally when dealing with trades people, mishaps happen which can almost make you cry.  We had one of those occasions recently when Outer Spaces in Waihi Beach revitalised our courtyard.


Two months prior, we had a great concrete job done at home which I mentioned in the December issue of Profitspeak.  During the course of preparing the courtyard for paving, one of the workers from Outer Spaces swung his pick axe too close to the edge of the concrete step and took a chip out of it.


Having spent a good deal of money on the driveway, we were pretty upset about the incident but Outer Spaces owner, Adrian Whistler assured us that he could fix it – and fix it he did.  It took him several hours of mixing samples and comparing the concrete colour before he was satisfied, and then we arrived home one day to find that the job had been done.  The concrete matched perfectly and nobody would ever know that the chip had been there.  The photos show the before and after results.


It reminded me of a well known slogan by L V Martin & Co from my Wellington days – “It’s the putting right that counts.”  Outer Spaces certainly put it right and will have my recommendation for years to come.


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