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Making sponsorship work - part two

Making sponsorship work - part two

Last month I shared some hints on how to go about getting the most from your sponsorship deal.  This month we look at a suggestion for a letter which you, as a sponsor could send out to the club’s membership.

A typical letter could read something like this:



 Good morning,

You may not be aware that we have recently become a sponsor of the xxxxxxx  club so we are just writing to let you know.


Obviously we are delighted to be associated with your club and because many of our clients are like you it’s good to know that the money they spend with us comes back to your club and to you.  We don’t know whether you currently have a (specify product), and in fact whether you have ever needed the services of a company in our field.  Should, you have the need in the future,  or you’d like a second opinion, or a source of supply or advice, we would be delighted to assist you.


If you decide to use our services (and we are sure you will if you get to know us), you will have the satisfaction of knowing that some of your money keeps coming back to you through the sponsorship of your club.  We look forward to meeting you soon!


Yours sincerely

P.S. As a special introduction we are enclosing a gift certificate for you to use if you decide to avail yourself of any of the services shown. Please feel free to use it at any time.


Simple isn’t it?   Simple because it simply and quite nicely introduces your firm and reveals what you do for the club.


The sting in the tail is the postscript! The gift certificate should be for a reasonable amount as an almost irresistible inducement for them to try your products or services. People can’t resist a great offer and, if it gets them to see you for the first time and you do a great job, they’ll come back and you’ll lock them in for life!

That particular wording may not appeal to you but the point is that you should do something extra to make your sponsored outfit's members aware of your services.


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