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Where do you eat when you stay at a Resort?

Where do you eat when you stay at a Resort?

Whilst in Vanuatu in September, we stayed 4 days at the Nasama Resort in Port Vila.  It was there that I came across something I had never seen before at a hotel or resort of any kind.


When we checked in we were given a loyalty sheet which listed various scenarios relating to the number of meals we had at the resort, and the rewards for achieving each level.   So if we had 5 meals (excluding breakfast), we qualified for a free one.


How smart is that?  I have never seen anything like that before at a hotel in New Zealand, or overseas.  When we stay anywhere in the world, our natural inclination is to use the hotel maybe once for meals, but because of the physical distance to other restaurants from the Nasama, the offer made sense – and we took them up on it.  At the end of our short stay, we qualified for a free lunch which we duly collected.


And I also noticed that other guests were getting their sheet ticked off as well, so the scheme is working for the resort.  I wonder why other hotels don’t do it?


You may not be in the hospitality business, but what can you do to keep your customers or clients coming back to you?  Just because your competitors aren’t doing it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad idea.


Give me a call if you want to discuss it.


By the way, you can see that photography is not my strong suit.


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