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Welcome back!

Welcome back!


Years ago I used to go to a restaurant in Newmarket.   Archie, the owner at the time, left me with a lasting impression every time we walked through the door.  His first words to any returning customers were “Welcome back!”


I was reminded of that, again in Vanuatu, when we went to Paradise Cove, another resort, for lunch one day.   Almost 10 years ago to the day, Wendy and I had stayed there.  In fact I proposed to Wendy the first night we were there, in the dining room lounge.


Staff and management had changed in those 10 years, but when we explained the reason for our visit, we were welcomed back with open arms.  It was as if we had known them for all of those years, such was the open friendliness displayed to us.  We were treated like royalty, and because there was no courtesy van available until quite late, we were invited to join the staff bus to get us back to our hotel.


That visit reminded us of what really mattered in a resort.  Even though it is further away from Port Vila than the Resort we were staying at, it really offers everything we want when we are on holiday in the Islands.   We felt so welcome, that we decided to stay there again on our next trip to Vanuatu.


So my tip for the month?  Welcome back your customers at every opportunity.  It really makes an impression.


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