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Social mobility - an essential tool for growing your business

Social mobility - an essential tool for growing your business

I heard recently about a senior partner in a small accountancy practice who always had the ability to get out and mix with people from all walks of life, industries and social situations.


It had borne real fruit over the years and that’s where so many of his clients had come from. And, because he did such a great job for them, those clients have referred their friends.  Even in his semi-retirement, he is still meeting new clients he can pass on to his successors.


However, the new senior partner and colleagues, just don’t seem to have any of those social mobility skills. They don’t do any social activities with their clients, they haven’t joined any organisations where they might meet new people and aren’t part of any sporting, social or service clubs.


As a consequence, they are not seeing a steady stream of new prospects and their only marketing consists of advertising in the traditional accountancy way. They’ve never done anything innovative by way of advertising, their web site doesn’t grab anyone and they don’t use social media. That doesn’t leave much… just the same small amount of boring stuff that every accountant does.


And so to “social mobility”. Whatever business you are in, you and your team should get out and mix with people in all sorts of situations and places. Make sure you choose situations and places where you will meet people of the type you would enjoy having as clients. But don’t go out to “sell” them… just go out to meet them.


As you meet people and build relationships, you’ll be amazed how business will gravitate to you. And the great thing is that, when you find one bee in the hive, you’ll find lots!


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