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There's always something you can do

There's always something you can do


In my home town of Waihi, a lot of events are planned around the main street and that brings a lot of business into the town. 


But there is a secondary street from the town roundabout hosting a number of businesses which sometimes get forgotten by those who attend Waihi’s main street attractions.  Sure, those businesses are asked to join in when Waihi hosts an attraction, but because of their location they sometimes miss out on the swarms of people in town for the big events.  Rosemont Road is on the very busy State Highway 2 heading towards Tauranga, and one of the the main reasons that locals go there is for the Library and the Post Office.  


So Sharon Malcolm of Eaten Café had a bright idea – a promotion aimed at encouraging local people and visitors to shop in Rosemont Road while they were in the street.  Simply put, the promotion rewards shoppers in the street with a loyalty card which records purchases in $10 increments, and put anybody who spends $100 on the street into the monthly draw for a $100 voucher – also to be spent in the street.  Sharon took out an ad in the local paper, enlisted the support of other shops in the street and had an almost 100% take up.


The idea is so simple and embraces one of the principles of the 2x2x2 strategy to grow your business, namely “How do you get people to come back more often?”  And the thing I like about it most is that in a very short time, your card can get filled and into the draw – and then start another card.


Definitely an opportunity found, and I believe it is working a treat.


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