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Don't just patch it - fix it!

Don't just patch it - fix it!


We’re all pretty busy and good at patching things up as we go – putting the bandage on and hoping it will do for now.  But what about the follow up – the permanent fix so that it doesn’t happen again?

We all have a tendency to go from crisis to crisis, but you know what?  It won’t stop unless you take off the band aid and treat the cause.  Restaurant guru Bill Marvin calls it second aid.

Somebody has to come in behind and put a permanent fix on the problem – otherwise it will keep happening, won’t it?  So you, the business owner needs to take responsibility to do that – treat the cause.  After all, if your doctor didn’t follow through after he had stopped the bleeding, you wouldn’t be happy, would you?

And if it’s not your bag as the business owner, then hire somebody who loves to tackle problems with a view to fixing them permanently.  There’s no right or wrong, but second aid is a real challenge, and you need to embrace it in some way.


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