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What do you think a business card is for?

What do you think a business card is for?

Always carry your business card with you.

You just never know when an opportunity arises.  I’ve always got mine with me and I’m always using it to expand my database.  Just recently, I offered it to a new business owner in town, simply to introduce myself, enable a card swap and to get the owner on my database.

Recently in Melbourne, the owner driver of the fully air conditioned mini coach who was our escort for the week did a great job, and I decided that he’d be a useful contact for our sister company, Skylark Tours for future tours to Melbourne.  There was not a card in sight – from the driver, or his assistant.

I gave him one of my cards and asked him to send details but we’ve had nothing.

I just can’t believe a simple opportunity like that was allowed to get away.  That’s what business cards are for, so always have them with you, and give them out freely.


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