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Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is the best policy

The second night of our motor home and caravan safari around East Cape, we were due to stay at Waihau Bay Holiday Park.  The camp offered a huge flat grass area to ourselves where we could park to the best advantage near the beach.

Problem was, the night before we were due to arrive, the heavens opened up and everything was drenched.  Concerned about the possibility of our vehicles sinking into mud. I contacted the motor camp.  The manager was totally up front with me, advising that the camp grounds were on peat, and the all night rain would probably take a few days to drain away.  Regretfully, he had to advise us not to stay the night.

The weather cost him around $200 at a time when he could probably have done with the extra revenue.  But by being up front, he saved our group a lot of angst, and for that we were all extremely grateful.

Given the chance, that peace of honesty ensured that we would probably stay at the camp next time through – and who knows, there may be more than 6 vans next time.


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