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Paid thieves - why not?

Paid thieves - why not?

Recently I heard of an owner of a clothing store in England who was tired of losing money from shoplifting, so she decided to do something about it.  Instead of hiring security guards, she advertised for thieves who would try to steal from her shop for a one off payment in wages.


The owner wanted the new staff members to pose as customers for a few weeks and attempt to steal things.  After their attempt, she asked them to report back to her about how they got away with it.  By implementing this idea, she hoped to learn how to improve her store layout and security, including the location of cameras, to better combat financial loss through theft.


What an original idea!  It’s the same principle we use in marketing, isn’t it?  We should always try to think like our customers. In this case though, we are all hard working honest people and would find it hard to think like a thief – so if you’re losing stock through shoplifting, why not hire some people who know the score?


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