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Look at this!

Look at this!

The initiative taken by this Veterinary practice in Australia could easily be adapted for any other type of business.



And what is it?  It’s a life size giraffe stretching its neck up to nibble on leaves in the gum trees.


Alongside is the ‘Vet’ sign.   So what do children and grandchildren do every time they go past it in the car?   I’ll guarantee they say “Look at the giraffe”. And, when you do look, you can’t miss the ‘Vet’ sign.

As the practice’s target market is small animals, which are generally owned by families, the veterinary hospital is noticed by Mum and Dad time and time again.  Guess where they go when they need a vet?

Okay, it may need a significant initial investment but, written off over the years it will work its backside off, the cost is peanuts.

(adapted from an article by Winston Marsh)



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