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Make it fun!

Make it fun!

I play golf regularly with a group of Accountants from Auckland.   For the non golfers among you, I need to explain that golf can be the most frustrating game if you let your occasional lapse of concentration get to you.



One of our group is Peter Sewell, a well known inspirational speaker who has always had a positive outlook on life.  Playing with Pete can be a laugh a minute, and one of his favourite outbursts is to call out to everyone “Are we having fun boys?  Just remember life is for living.”  A gentle reminder that golf is only a game and you should be having fun when you play it.


And so it is with our daily work.  As Winston Marsh said in a recent article:

"Work doesn’t have to be deadly serious. Nobody has to look like they’ve just sucked on a lemon. Life has to be fun.  And most people like a bit of fun.  Adults are really just big kids…. it’s just harder to get them started.



So every day, ask your team and yourself. “Are we having any fun?” Then make sure you all are. Find time to laugh, to see the funny side of things. Be a bit zany, a tiny bit stupid occasionally."


I remember working with a recruitment agency which had a bell to be rung every time a consultant made a placement.  There was also a computer sales company which had a meeting at the end of every day so that the team shared something funny that happened that day.    And a butcher I went into recently had a sign that said “If we’re not smiling, laughing or making jokes with you, remind us and your order will be free.

So what can you do to make your business a fun place to be? 



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