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Got something unique? Use it!

Got something unique?  Use it!

In Athens, Greece recently we stayed at the Athenian Callirhoe Hotel.


The first night we decided to have dinner at the Hotel restaurant on the 9th floor.  The bar had a wall to wall window behind the counter looking across to the Acropolis – so it was a no brainer to sit there for a cocktail or two.


After dark, the windows were opened completely so that we all had an unobstructed view of the floodlit Acropolis structure and were invited behind the bar to take photos.  The food was great and the service attentive but that view sealed the deal.  There was no reason for us to look anywhere else for our three remaining dinners in Athens.


And we weren’t the only couple soaking it up.  There were several couples who we noticed also returned for their dinner meal.  We also mentioned it to a couple who were drinking with us at the bar before it got dark, and though they were already booked that night, they thanked us and immediately booked in for the following night.


That hotel made the most of what they had to offer over and above the excellent meal and service.  So if you’ve got something unique to offer, then shout it to the rooftops and make sure your customers don’t have any reason to look elsewhere.


This was definitely an opportunity found.


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